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Miami Employment Attorney Information

How to find the right employment attorney in Miami for you

Using employment attorneys to settle your business dispute or other work-related matter is absolutely crucial to solving your case or claim. Employment law is a complex branch of the legal realm that involves state and federal statutes, administrative rules and decisions, and judgment by state and federal courts. Employment law is constantly changing and varies from state to state, so an employment attorney in Miami who is familiar and up to date with the law is essential.

You should seek the following qualities in an employment law attorney:

  • Someone who focuses in employment law. It is particularly important that your lawyer spends the majority of his or her time on employment cases. Employment law is a unique branch of law and changes often. An excellent personal injury or divorce attorney will not likely be as current or as comfortable dealing with employment cases.
  • Someone who represents both employers and employees. Your lawyer should have substantial experience representing other individuals in your position—whether you are an employer, an employee, or even a labor union. If you are seeking a law firm for mediation purposes, make sure you select someone who regularly advocates for both sides.
  • Someone in your state. Most employment cases involve a combination of state and federal laws and policies. Therefore, employment law in Florida may differ in some significant and insignificant ways from employment law in other states. Choose an attorney who regularly practices in your state to ensure the success of your claim.
  • Someone nearby. Not only will an attorney with offices close by offer convenience in terms of access, but a local lawyer will likely be most familiar with the local legal system.
  • Someone you like. Above and beyond all else, you should select an employment lawyer you trust and like. Depending on the nature of your particular case, you may need to share personal details with your attorney, so it is always a good idea to choose someone with whom you feel comfortable.

Where to look

The following sources may be helpful to you when you are looking into the backgrounds of Miami employment attorneys:

  • Word of mouth. A friend, family member, or in certain cases, a coworker
  • Websites. Individual law firm websites or database sites, such as or
  • Yellow Pages. In the lawyers/attorneys section, there should be a particular area for employment attorneys
  • State bar association. State bar associations provide free referral services
  • National Employment Lawyers Association. A countrywide organization to which over 3,000 employment attorneys belong

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